Tuesday, January 26, 2010

it's turned out cold again

The temperature started dropping yesterday. Today the gritters were out. It's been so warm recently that I've been down to 2 layers on my legs and only 3 up top, and gloveless on occasion.

I was caught a little short tonight for two reasons. The first - it was flipping freezing. The second - I completely ran dry of energy going through Greenwich and woolwich. Had to make an unscheduled stop at the Lidl in woolwich for a cheap sandwhich, reduced pork pie, and some apple juice. While in the shop the security put the gratings at the front of the shop down onto my bike which was chained by the trolleys. I nealry went ballistic, hammering on the shop doors as they'd locked up. The guy responded pretty quickly and eventually, a push of the button and my bike was released. I was told to take my bike inside the shop next time I'm there near closing time.

Anyway - going to have to sort out an extra layer for legs and up top before it's safe to venture out tomorrow.

I pass this makeshift memorial every day, on the way to work and back. A woman was killed by a lorry back in early December. Soon after, some flowers appeared, then a ghost bike, and finally the reefs, which are truly moving.

Deptford Marmoset <---highly recommended website


Greenwich Mercury

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