Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Climate Denying Malarky

See some of the ridiculous comments underneath the article. Good for George Monbiot though - happy to get his hands dirty in the climate change wars. I haven't got the patience I'm afraid.

This simpleton called buono puts a familiar argument:

Q:George, if you were faced with absolute, unequivocal evidence that global warming is a myth, what would you do for a living?
Would you agree that you are dependent on global warming as an income stream?
Because I would absolutely say that you are. You simply cannot afford to be wrong and so attack those who disagree with your point of view.

A:I write about lots of subjects: you can see the list here. Of my seven books, only one is about climate change. I would like nothing better than to stop writing about it, in fact I wish the issue would just go away, not least because having to deal every day with people like you is doing my head in.
But let me turn the question round. What would it take to persuade you that manmade global warming is taking place? What proportion of the world's climate scientists would have to agree that it was happening before you accepted the science? 90%? 95%? Or is your rejection of it the equivalent of a religious belief, which cannot be shaken by any level of evidence?

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