Sunday, January 24, 2010

So much for my intention to blog daily. I thought with the tools at hand I'd have no problem - laptop at the weekend, web enabled phone for being out and about, and being able to post using email during the week. But the phone no longer funcions in the email department - just gives me a page long error message which seems to be written partially in a foreign language, understandable only by the worst sort of IT nerds. The email at work was out this week too thanks to Microsoft's browser security problems my company decided to block all access to hotmail. If I post from my work email it includes a message which identifies who I work for. I don't really want that.

So I was stuck...with lots of thoughts and ideas, and nowehere to put them. Here I am, it's the end of the week, and I'm looking at a screen, with not one single idea in my head.

Watched the Dave Spaced marathon last night. My wife banned me from watching it when it was originally shown although she never told me - she just tended to distract me when it was on, or insist on watching something on the other side, want me to take out the bins or go to the shop, or early to bed. I soon twigged that she wasn't keen on me watching it; I managed to watch one episode from start to finish, asked her why she wouldn't let me watch it, and she explained that it was far too much like watching ourselves on tv for comfort and it upset her - made her angry, disappointed, and depressed...and now i can see what she means. The lead characters aren't a couple, but pretend to be so they can have the flat. I think my wife thought we were more like flatmates than a couple. I still think that could be a good thing. We were after all very good friends. And I think I avoided intimacy in much the same way that the Simon Pegg character does, instead, spending my time obsessed with trivia. But I thought we were having fun. Well we were, but fun probably isn't enough. I thought of my wife quite a bit while watching, I miss her terribly even now, nearly two years since we split.

Similarly she wouldn't watch 'Nathan Barley' - I think because she was surrounded by Nathan Barley types (living near Brixton and being involved with Urban 75) - and she got the point in the first show. I'll see them on DVD at some point.

Spaced though - I can now understand why it is so revered. Now it looks a little cliched - but at the time, it wouldn't have done; in fact it invented the cliches - good use of references throughout - not just film references but cleverer stuff such as super8 style film and theme from 'rhubarb and custard' to show a childhood memory.

I was kept laughing pretty much throughout the 7 or so programmes, and looking forward to series 2.

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