Saturday, January 02, 2010

Rockford Files

I hardly bothered to get out of bed today. Too ill to go out. Back to work the day after tomorrow. Marvellous.

What's getting me through this Xmas and New Year period is season two of the Rockford Files on DVD.

I watched this programme obsessively when it ran first time round on British TV, and I wasn't even sure what it was that gripped me so. Now I think I have an idea, and it's the characters, the car, the stories, the humour and the location, and not least, Jim Rockford himself.

If anything was going to drive me to become homosexual it was Jim Rockford. I can't help finding him attractive, and not as a drinking buddy like Starsky and Hutch, but in an entirely latently homo-erotic way. But apart from that - I love the locations, the female guest stars, even the repetitive formula doesn't irritate me in the least.

So, Rockford - what a man; what a programme. there's nothing else like it.

the car's pretty good too, phwoar, sexy car!!

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