Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Durutti Column & Worst Ad EVER!!!!!

I've had numerous chances to see this band - fronted by the brilliant guitarist Vini Reilly - the forgotten Factory Records genius.

Well now they've record an album in tribute to Factory boss Tony Wilson, and are on tour performing it. I've decided, finally, that it's time to see them, before it's too late, after all none of us are getting any younger.

I had the extreme misfortune to see what is probably the worst and most annoying advert ever, by the people that brought us a series of annoying ads; and who could believe that they could plumb even lower depths than the Howard ads. And even more annoying than the Josh supergroup ads. Yes!! It's the Halifax. A crap bank who makes crap ads.

Watch at own risk:

The snow arrived today. the snow I really din;t want. I'm trying to get fit on the bike by cycling a minimum of 30 miles a day. If the weather deteriorates again, that is not going to happen.

Got snowballed by yoofs, and nearly run over by a bus.

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