Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 shaping up to be quite cold

The week started well enough. I had the new year's eve of a sad and lonely internet geek: stayed in and Tweeted my way into new year. Then had a thoroughly lazy weekend, getting out of bed both days after twelve, hardly venturing out of doors, consuming vast amounts of chocolate, and Belgian beer. Work on Monday came as a slight shock, especially having to be at the mangement meeting that morning. Luckily I'd done the hard work on new year's eve, where i updated my visualisations and added a few concerns for good measure.

Ice had mostly cleared by Monday and my cold had mostly retreated - leaving just a cough, which still lingers over a week later. So I had no hesitation in jumping on the bike for a bracing 15 mile ride into central London. The first 15 miles of the year, immediately added to the Bike Radar Commuters Forum stats table / come league. I rocketed into about 20th place.

The meeting went well. I made a couple of demands form the managers which were met the very same day. Invites in my in-tray to this year's IEMA social events, quite a few environmental inspections some of which read "nothing to report". That sort of report pisses me off - it says nothing, it's lazy, and requires quite a bit of effort on my part to confront. Ran it by my boss, who has so far been completely supportive, and set up meetings, trying to be diplomatic. No point in alienating my clients.

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