Tuesday, November 19, 2013

bar wotever

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do this evening. I had a trans meet up and I had bar wotever. I really fancied bar wotever, so it won out. Hate having to make choices like that. Decided to wear my new mini skirt, made out of two materials, fake leather one side, jersey the other. I also wore new tights that were supposed to make legs and bum more shapely,  with a floral pattern, and my new Evans ankle boots. 

just before i left work

It was band night at bar wotever... three bands and a i stayed for two. One of them - a 2 piece fronted by a red haired young woman, with another young woman on the drums. Enjoyed them very much. Called Arx. Hope I see them again! 

Then home...  Very much enjoyed showing my legs off... will be doing it more often. 

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Anonymous said...

And very nice legs they are!