Saturday, November 16, 2013

Old Pictures

In a continuing series I'm going to post up some of my old pictures. These were taken in about 2006. The top, which I still have but never wear, was from Asda. I liked the puffed sleeves. This was before I went completely grey and therefore I was not dying my hair, so its quite a bit lighter than now. I was beginning to experiment with make up. Think I had some foundation, & lippy from the pound shop and handed down eye shadow. As you can see, I still had a long way to go!! This pic is undoubtedly processed in some way as I did that to all my pics back in those days.. not so much now. 

Stevie in 2006
This (below) was me wearing an off the shoulder top, a gorgeous green gyspy skirt and my wife's coat and scarf. Look at those eyebrows :-( I actually went out either just before or just after taking this pic... for a little midnight walk around the neighbourhood. 

This was a green velveteen dress with a denim jacket. I thought I looked like Julie Burchill

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Anonymous said...

I really feel you should go lighter with your hair. You looked amazing with it brown. I would go a very light brown if I was you. As they say, the older you get the lighter you should go :o)

Sorry am anonymous I don't have any of those accounts (I don't think) lol