Monday, November 04, 2013

Now My Dad Knows

Speaking to my Mum on the phone today, and she put my dad on for a bit and we talked about the stuff we always talk about, Plymouth Argyle, my work....  then my Mum came back. Just as she was about to hang up she said, "I told Dad, he's alright about it". and with those words a slow realisation began to hit me, like a slowly materialising sledgehammer to the brain, that I was finally out. Completely out. There was nowhere else to go now.. Only the opportunity to be myself as much as possible.

Don't know if I will ever discuss this with my Dad... Maybe leave sleeping dogs lie.. but one day, hopefully soon, he will get the chance to meet me as Stella, and I hope he accepts that as well as it seems he has my transgenderism.

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