Thursday, November 14, 2013

What would You Like Ladies?

Drinks after work yesterday and I was sat at the table with all the women yesterday - funny how the genders separate out at these things. The feeling that I really ought to join the male table was there... but I really didn't want to and kept telling myself I didn't need. Nor did it seem that anyone required me to. So I stayed and joined in the convo. 
Hopefully I didn't make an idiot of myself too much, and left before i got more than slightly tipsy. Two people out of four sitting at that table know i am trans which helped. And when the bar staff came to serve us and sort out our orders we all got called "ladies". Now this has happened to me in the past.. I have quite often through my life been mistaken for female - at work and especially when i was going through my adolescence. It used to really bother me but now it makes me absurdly happy. Of course!
In the past when this situation happened the person who was addressing us would notice (the beard often gave it away) and make effusive apologies at me. This time, and both times, I don;t think they even realised.. i was going to say their error.. but it isn't their error.. I just think they saw through to the real me, which is rapidly coming to the fore!

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