Sunday, November 24, 2013

I have a mission!

I've been tasked by the head of our LGBT group to have a think about, do some research and come up with a set of recommendations firstly for the LGBT group so the LGBT group can properly represent trans people, most of whom are not out, or possibly even sure that they are trans, and secondly, for the company, so that trans people feel safe in their jobs, feel empowered, and are able to be themselves at the work the moment they come to a realisation that they are not the gender they were assigned at birth. 

Any ideas, peeps? some of you may have been through bad experiences at work and therefore have a wish list.. or some of you haven't come out at work yet.. why not? I've got a few ideas already, though my company, by and large, is not too bad or I would never have come out in the first place. but there's always room for improvement and I'd like my company to be the organisation all the other organisations look to to see best practice in action!!


Helixtwice said...

Stella -
Over here in the Colonies (US) the big LGBT organization advocating for things like workplace rights is
The Human Rights Campaign.
There may be a chapter in Britain, likely is. but if not I am certain that they will help you start one!
The American Civil Liberties Union is also very active in LGBT rights in the workplace ( and could give you a lot of info. There is a very active Gay Community here in Boston Massachusetts, many in the Fenway Area.
I am Bi, and have TV friends. I am into kink. Check out
This is a very cool website!
If there is anything specific that I can help you with or find out for you, I will do what I can.
I wish that we could meet, but that does not seem likely.
Lance (Chomskyrocks)

Helixtwice said...

Two more resources: The Massachusetts Transgender Wiki -
and Fenway Health
Both of these have a lot of info, and the Transgender Wiki is a good format idea, LMHO.