Thursday, November 07, 2013

Drab drinks

 I went to the DRAB drinks tonight. It's in a pub by Waterloo Station. It sounds like an odd concept, a load of blokes who fit somewhere on the trans spectrum - crossdressers, trans-women...  etc...   all meeting in male garb (DRAB stands for dressed as a boy, and DRAG is... well, the g means girl, work it out :-p). Seems strange, but it works. I found it to be enormously helpful in normalising what i do.

We talk about all sorts, but of course dresses and make up feature quite highly in the list of topics. Anyway, i broke the rules by going dressed as a girl, but there's always been at least one in attendance in DRAG. This month is was me. The pic below is me from a week ago... but tonight i wore the same dress - and coat, in pic below that.
This is the coat I wore out to Bar wotever last week and got pulled aside by a young woman who told me I looked spectacular :-)

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