Saturday, November 23, 2013

March Violets at the O2, Islington

My first gig as Stella. Picked out a black floaty skirt I had bought off ebay for the occasion and a black lace top i bought a couple of years ago that originally looked horrible on me and i never thought in a million years I'd be wearing it out. so glad I didn;t throw it out. Was concerned that the fishnet tights were too much - ditto the fake pearls, but i think it was all OK and worked. 

Stella finds her gothic inner self
My hair was not the best..  really needed a bit of care and attention and some thickener spray to get that Siouxsie Sioux look. Make up was all purples and reds and seemed to work quite well too. The boots were my new for work boots as I couldn't work out a way of changing into the high heeled boots without having to carry the other boots with me all evening. 

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