Monday, November 11, 2013

my wardrobe

I think this illustrates the progress I have made this year. When i started buying female clothes about 15 years ago I had, maybe one dress and a couple of skirts. Gradually over time I expanded that out to enough clothes to fill a suitcase. A lot of it was hand me downs from women i knew - espeically my wife - but I did have a few new items too. My wife took me shopping in Long Tall Sally once where I bought a long santiny skirt; I also had a few skirts and tops, and a shift dress with jacket that I bought through the Littlewoods Catalogue. I even ventrued into the West End and bought some skirts from a hippy shop I knew... no longer there! All these clothes live on in my photograph album... and I will be posting pics up here from time to time, just to illustrate how far I've come. 

It was only in 2008 that I started buying clothes more systematically, mainly through ebay, but also from supermarkets - buying online and collecting in shop. This time I started buying whole outfits and trying to make myself look as much like  woman as possible. Of course I went through a few wobbles along the way. I even picked up on the whole feminised man thing a while back thinking that might be enough for me but it wasn't. Since the start of this year I had so many clothes they wouldn;t fit in my wardrobe, even when i took the men's clothes out. So a move to a bigger room, and this huge double wardrobe was fortuitous. In order to simplify things further I decided to throw out most of my men's clothes. Little of it was of use as it was old, worn out and two sizes too big! 

This year as I have been buying clothes of smaller sizes to keep up with my weight loss I have replaced male items with female items.. a lot of jeans, boot cut, skinny, jeggings, leggings, a few skirts and a whole pile of dresses!  I now only wear women's clothes... but do have a tee shirt stashed at work in case i need a safety net - and one pair of men's trousers in my wardrobe :-p So far just haven't needed them, nor is it ever looking likely that i will...

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